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Based on Absolutely Nothing, New York Times Frets Over Carson Nomination to HUD

Based on Absolutely Nothing, New York Times Frets Over Carson Nomination to HUD
(Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

A big part of the ongoing post-election drama from the perpetually aggrieved left has involved breathless speculation about who Trump’s cabinet nominations might be and, after they’re announced, conjecture as to the draconian evils they will unleash upon America. The press is able to comment freely about a presidential administration for the first time in eight years and they’re throwing words around like they have expiration dates on them.

Today’s installment of “We’re Doomed, We’re Doomed!” comes via The New York Times regarding the nomination of Dr. Ben Carson to head up the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Big-city mayors and housing experts are nervous about the idea of a billionaire real estate developer in the White House. Now President-elect Donald J. Trump has picked Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon with no housing experience, as his nominee for secretary of Housing and Urban Development — and high anxiety has set in.

As The Times’s Mid-Atlantic bureau chief, I have spent a lot of time in Baltimore, Cleveland and Philadelphia, which are all run by Democrats. In those cities, and many others across the country, housing concerns are deeply intertwined with other poverty-related issues, including racial tensions with the police.

So they’re worried about the real estate guy AND the guy who has no housing experience.

Leftists so revere government that they truly believe that a world-renowned neurosurgeon might not be able to grasp the intricacies of heading up a bureaucracy, as if the members of the federal bloat are the true keepers of the keys to the kingdom.

The media worries that the good doctor has been wealthy for too long and might have lost touch with his roots.

Carson also doesn’t play the victim card, and that unnerves the media and academics. They fear some of that attitude infecting a culture that greatly encourages people to not only view themselves as victims, but tries to actually victimize them as well. The panicky speculation about Carson’s tenure at HUD is based solely on the fact that he’s proud of having fought his way out of poverty.

In the twisted minds of the leftist press and bureaucrats, that’s cause for worry rather than celebration.