Election 2020

Real Clear Politics Just Moved Pennsylvania to 'Toss Up'

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Since people are breathlessly commenting on every state that even remotely appears to shift in Hillary Clinton’s direction here in the home stretch, it is probably worth noting that Pennsylvania is still in play, according to Real Clear Politics.

This is significant if for no other reason than it stops the recent trend of the RCP projections moving away from Trump. The Keystone State is usually just a big tease for Republicans, but if we are willing to entertain the idea that Texas is suddenly in play, then all speculation should be fair game.

Conventional wisdom and history would say that this is still over. There are some of us who have given up on bold predictions, however, as we have been paying attention to the year thus far.

Think about it. With the overwhelming onslaught of negative press coverage of Trump in recent weeks, Hillary shouldn’t have to worry about any states in her “likely” column becoming tossups at RCP. That’s how awful she is. She can’t put away an opponent who is facing not only the usual October assault from the mainstream media, but a campaign against him from a chunk of his own party. He would be drafting different versions of a concession speech in a normal election year.

I’m a betting man, and I’m not taking any money out of my wallet for this one.