Election 2020

New Poll Shows Clinton Leading Trump in Arizona for First Time

The schadenfreude, it burns (Rex Features via AP Images)

Bad news for the Trump crowd.

A new poll released Thursday shows that for the first time, Hillary Clinton has taken the lead over Donald Trump in the presidential race in Arizona.

The poll from Emerson College shows that Clinton has overtaken Trump in our state by a margin of 44 percent to 42 percent.

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson received 9 percent in the poll, while Green Party candidate received just 1 percent.

Among Hispanic voters, Clinton has a solid lead over Trump, 54 percent to 40 percent in Arizona.

The poll also shows that In what was expected to be a tough race, Arizona Senator John McCain is up 16 points over his Democratic challenger, Ann Kirkpatrick, 52 percent to 36 percent.

True, it’s only a couple of points but bear in mind that my native state has only voted for the Democrat once in the last 64 years. Once. This is a state with so much Republican mojo that even an idiot like McCain can keep getting re-elected easily. Jan Brewer was re-elected there.

While I am not one who believes in poll panic (especially in this election), this one should at least give pause to some in the Trump campaign. If Arizona truly is slipping in the wrong direction, they’ve got serious problems.

This could also be a one-off because of Trump’s rambling performance in the first debate. This race has plenty of potential for unexpected shifts thanks to unfavorable ratings of the two major candidates. However, even though Hillary is an awful candidate, she can probably weather hiccups better than Trump as the election looms closer.