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Granny Vapors to Return to Campaign Trail on Thursday

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

From NPR:

Hillary Clinton is set to return to the campaign trail on Thursday after taking a three-day hiatus to recover from pneumonia.

“Thanks very much for your continued patience today as [Clinton] remains home. She has spent the day catching up on reading briefings, making calls, and she watched President Obama’s speech in Philadelphia on TV. We will resume campaign travel on Thursday, more details to come,” the Democratic nominee’s campaign told reporters in an email.

Clinton has not campaigned since Sunday, after she left a Sept. 11 memorial service after her campaign said she became overheated and dehydrated. A video later showed her losing her balance and being helped into a Secret Service van. Clinton went to her daughter, Chelsea’s, nearby apartment and left without assistance about 90 minutes later. Her campaign later revealed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

Clinton has been resting at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday evening, Clinton said she was feeling “so much better” but admitted that “I should have gotten some rest sooner.”

Mrs. Bill’s Chappaqua home is so large there is a very real possibility that they’ve got a fully functional emergency room hiding in there. There’s no evidence of that, of course, but the legendary Clintonian lack of truthfulness does make the conspiracy theory mongering rather easy, especially with the media helping her out with covering things up.

If the rigors of the Labor Day campaign schedule were too much for her, the late September and October blitz is going to be really rough on the poor dear.

Just in case Granny can’t handle the stress, another Democrat has been resting too:

REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic - RTX2LA92

REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic – RTX2LA92