Election 2020

Two New Polls Have Trump and Hillary Tied

What a difference a month makes. After the DNC, Dame van der Cankles got a really nice post-convention bounce. The thing was, her unfavorable ratings remained largely unchanged, which didn’t bode well for her. Never mind that though, for the media it was “Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead with the ‘She’s unbeatable!'” stories.

Apparently they’ve never seen one of these election thingies before.

Now that it’s September, Trump is calming down for hours, and sometimes days, at a time. Tim Kaine is underwhelming wherever he goes, and the Missus is resting her concussion somewhere out of sight. All of that has led to Trump catching up in the IBD/TIPP poll first, and then in the Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Hillary’s numbers have been falling even though her handlers have been keeping her relatively out of the public eye. They know that exposure to even her staunchest supporters isn’t always a good thing for her so she’s been hiding out at fund raising events that the commoners don’t have access too. With the debates coming up, they won’t be able to hide Scary Grandma and her cackle. Combine that with Friday’s news from the FBI and it’s a good bet that flop sweat is in plentiful supply at Clinton HQ.

That she couldn’t maintain a significant lead even after the MSM switched to full “attack the GOP nominee” mode speaks to just how miserably awful she is as a candidate. Sure, it’s fun to mock Trump’s foibles too, but he is new at this. She has been practicing for this for years and she’s still horrible.

That reason alone should give Trump supporters some hope. As I’ve said often, this seems to be a race that the two major candidates are approaching by seeing who can lose first.

Hillary seems to have the edge for the moment.