Election 2020

Trump-Pence Campaign Changes Logo After First One Is Savaged on Social Media

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

This is why we mock.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s campaign unveiled their new logo on Saturday, one day after a logo for the campaign was widely mocked on social media for appearing to be sexually suggestive.

The new image, which shows the two candidate’s names over the slogan “make America great again,” appeared on the campaign’s website and in a fundraising email Saturday.

When I wandered over to my computer yesterday morning and saw the first logo flooding my Twitter timeline I thought it was a prank. Once I determined that it was the actual logo, I spent an hour enjoying the much-deserved mockery it was getting. I wanted to do a post here about the best responses to it, but all of the funniest ones were a bit risqué for this site. Here was one of the tamer ones, from our old friend Iowahawk:

After the grand-scale focus testing that ended up happening, it’s good that the Trump campaign decided to discreetly (one of the rare times that word will be used to describe this group) alter the logo and make it less of a juvenile humor distraction.