Election 2020

Eric Trump: Ivanka for VP

Via The Hill:

Eric Trump on Thursday floated his sister Ivanka Trump as a potential running mate for his father.

“She’s got the beautiful looks, she’s smart, she’s smart, smart, smart,” Eric Trump said Thursday on Fox News.

“She’s certainly got my vote.”
Trump noted that his sister will turn 35 just before the election — the minimum age required by the Constitution to be president or vice president.

“She just makes that by about seven, eight days,” he said, calling Ivanka Trump “a machine.”

First, what is it about the Trump males always talking about how attractive Ivanka is? That’s got a little too much of a Jamie and Cersei Lannister vibe to it.

Second, if you think he is joking, you really haven’t been paying much attention to this election, or the recent past. We’ve twice elected father-son presidential duos, and the wife of a former president is about to be formally nominated by the Democrats. We’re already embracing a quasi-monarchy; Eric Trump is just taking it a step further and making the idea, um, YUGER or something.

If you are still willing to rule out the possibility that this election could get weirder, I commend you. I have to spend several minutes each morning convincing myself that a breakfast cocktail or two before reading the news wouldn’t be prudent.