Election 2020

NPR Goes Full Schoolgirl Over Obama's 'Historic' Campaigning for Hillary

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

I’m almost embarrassed for them.

Here’s the headline:

Why President Obama Campaigning For Clinton Is Historic

Here’s the gist of the article:

No president has campaigned strongly for his chosen successor in at least 100 years.

It’s been one day, Sparky, take a cold shower.

Tuesday’s event, with President Obama campaigning for Hillary Clinton, his former secretary of state and onetime rival, in North Carolina is remarkable for that reason. It kicks off what is likely to be a season of vigorous campaigning by the president.

There are reasons presidents haven’t campaigned strongly for a successor — sometimes they’re unpopular, some nominees try to distance, some presidents were in failing health.

If your working definition of historic is, “A word we just like to apply to these two politicians because we’re all in the tank for them,” then, yeah, it’s historic.

“Unusual” would be more apt, but it doesn’t have the orgasmic identity politics feel that Democrats and their puppies in the MSM are going for. Clinton campaigned for Gore, just not a lot. Reagan campaigned for Bush, just not a lot. The last hundred years were filled with incumbents who didn’t have predecessors to campaign with them, incumbents who died in office (which made them lousy campaigners), and toxic incumbents who needed to distance themselves from their party’s new standard-bearer.

I will conceded that there may be a twofold “historic” angle to Obama’s appearance with Hillary today, but it isn’t one that anyone at NPR is going to figure out soon. This president has loved doing two things since he has been in office: golfing and hitting the road to give speeches. He’s fond of the latter because the media gushes uncontrollably whenever he does. They’ve been so drunk on the Kool-Aid for eight years that they have convinced themselves that Barack Obama is a gifted orator. He’s so drunk on narcissism that he believes them. Trust me, Obama isn’t out there for Hillary, Obama is out there for Obama.

The second part of this twofold angle is really tied to the first: Obama isn’t too embarrassed to go out and be a cheerleader because the MSM gives him a free pass on everything. His “See no Muslim, Hear no Muslim, Speak no Muslim” approach to terrorism has al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram turn the world into their suicide attack playground. 250 people just died in the capital of the country he withdrew troops from and the press is ignoring that and saying, “Gosh, isn’t he dreamy?” all day today.

In that sense, this is historic.

Scratch that, pathetic is the word I was looking for there.