Election 2020

Trump Sees Post-Orlando Bump in Reuters/IPSOS Poll

After the horrific attacks in Orlando last weekend, many who aren’t exactly staunch Trump supporters began saying that something like that only helps him.

That’s how awful the Democrats are a dealing with terrorism.

Even lefty media stalwarts are admitting that the Dems’ weakness on the issue can help bolster Trump’s standing with the electorate.

Now there seems to be a little more evidence that the needle moved his way:

It isn’t a huge bump, but it’s noticeable and there is still plenty of time for the voters to realize that the Democrats really are just a flailing bunch of idiots when it comes to terrorism.

Here’s a snapshot of the uptick:
Orlando Trump Bump

Hillary will need the media to remain in full-throated cheerleader mode to hold her advantage, but there is a definite hint of the public finally noticing that none of the Democratic emperor’s are wearing any clothes.