Election 2020

Poll: People Still Brave Enough to Admit They're Republican Want Party Unity Behind Trump

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

It’s like a bad Lifetime romance without the murder.

An overwhelming majority of Republican voters say their party’s leaders should get behind Donald J. Trump, even as he enters the general election saddled with toxic favorability ratings among the broader electorate, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

And as Mr. Trump faces deep skepticism with general election voters and some Republican holdouts, the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, is grappling with Senator Bernie Sanders and how to win over his impassioned supporters.

Both parties thus approach their July nominating conventions with significant unease and hurdles to overcome. Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are widely disliked by voters, and both parties will need to repair schisms that might spell doom in an ordinary election year. But this, of course, is no ordinary year.

Mr. Trump’s and Mrs. Clinton’s soaring levels of unpopularity are extraordinary for the likely nominees of the two major parties. Nearly two-thirds of voters , for example, say that Mr. Trump is not honest and trustworthy. Just as many say the same of Mrs. Clinton. Strong majorities of voters say the candidates do not share their values.

If that last paragraph doesn’t perfectly explain for you why the two-party system needs to have some C-4 strapped to it and be blown up I don’t know what will. After almost 250 years of practice and with a population as large as we have now, this is the best we can offer the voting public? It’s like going to Baskin-Robbins and finding out that after so many years of success they’ve gotten lazy and are now offering just two flavors: Dirty Feet or Bile.

Although many have left the GOP in the last several weeks, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Stockholm Syndrome the RNC counts on every four years is still strong. Republicans didn’t used to be a hive mind like the Democrats, but they also didn’t used to be Dem Lite.

This reluctant unity may actually give the GOP a chance to win the White House, if only because they’re running against perhaps the single most awful and unlikable candidate in American history.

Sadly, that will simply guarantee that Reince and his clown car won’t learn anything.