Election 2020

The Current Mrs. Trump Would Like to Assure America that Mr. Trump is Not Hitler

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)


Melania Trump wants to be clear: Her husband, Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, is “not Hitler.”

“We know the truth. He’s not Hitler. He wants to help America. He wants to unite people,” the prospective first lady said in an interview with DuJour magazine published Tuesday, when asked about comedian Louis C.K.’s lengthy letter to fans in March in which he proclaimed that the Manhattan reality-star-turned-politician “is Hitler.”

You know, in other elections it isn’t unusual for left-leaning entertainers to call the Republican nominee “Hitler.” This is the first one that I can remember that required clarification and a rebuttal.

OK, I know this is ridiculous. I do, however, think that this may be the most perfect little news snapshot of this thoroughly insane election cycle. Emotions and hyperbole have replaced what little semblance of political discourse there was so much so that even people who used to revel in conversation about politics are avoiding it now.

Also, rational thinking people all know that Hillary Clinton is Hitler.