Election 2020

Political Cockroach Kasich Vows to Keep 'Moving Ahead'

(AP Photo by Monica Jorge)

Rough night for the mush mouth.

John Kasich once described the Northeast as his “turf,” and then he got blown out by Donald Trump.

But the Ohio governor’s campaign took to Twitter – in lieu of a concession speech – to insist Kasich would continue “moving ahead” with his campaign. What it didn’t say was that “moving ahead” really means skipping next week’s race in Indiana, which he has quit to help Ted Cruz prevail, and instead planting himself on the West Coast for visits to Oregon and California.

“America deserves a president that will make us proud. John Kasich’s fight will continue,” Kasich’s team tweeted.

That Kasich is the last Republican governor standing in this race is the clearest indication that the GOP electorate really doesn’t deserve to win. His conservative bona fides are all from his congressional career, and that ended fifteen years ago. As a governor he hasn’t met a federal tax dollar he doesn’t immediately fall in love with. If you disagree with him on said tax dollars, he tells you you’re a bad Christian. His whiny, preachy shtick had worn thin long before last Christmas, yet here he remains. He seems to have just the right combo of arrogance and stupidity to keep flailing.

Kasich is rolling the dice that virtually every delegate will hit the convention drunker than John Boehner after 36 holes of golf.

He also insists that he’s the shiny, happy Republican with the positive message.

He doesn’t seem to be aware that this is all being recorded.