Election 2020

Sanders Lawyer to DNC: Hillary Guilty of Campaign Finance Violations

Is he still giving her a pass on the treason though?

On the eve of a crucial Democratic presidential primary here, Bernie Sanders accused rival Hillary Clinton on Monday of appearing to violate campaign finance laws with her expansive use of a joint fundraising committee set up last year with the national party.

The controversy seemed to further sour relations between the two Democratic hopefuls at a point in the campaign where their patience with one another had already worn extremely thin, as evidenced by their testy debate in Brooklyn this week.

In a letter to the Democratic National Committee, a lawyer for Sanders said the joint committee, which can accept far larger donations than Clinton’s campaign, appeared to be improperly subsidizing her campaign by paying Clinton staffers with funds from the committee and cited other alleged violations as well.

After famously giving his opponent a pass on her email scandal in the very first debate, it’s nice to see Sanders finally coming around to the fact that Hillary Clinton is wholly untrustworthy.

Even with his jolly, “Gosh, let’s get along” approach for the first several months, Sanders has been able to almost evaporate the thoroughly execrable Clinton’s once seemingly insurmountable lead.

Imagine what he might have accomplished this far had he gone for her jugular on trust issues from the beginning.

Hillary Clinton’s first breath upon awakening each day creates an appearance of impropriety, and it just gets worse from there. People don’t trust her. She probably doesn’t even trust herself. She gets the granny vapors when pressed on issues relating to the truth. If this version of Bernie Sanders had been around the entire campaign and impugning her motives and actions, he’d probably be running away with this thing. Instead, he let her stockpile super delegates for several months and is now in scramble mode.

It’s safe to say that the DNC, which is already being run by a former Hillary operative and deeply invested in rigging the game for her because she’s weak, will ignore the Sanders campaign’s complaint.

That doesn’t mean she’s not guilty though.