Election 2020

Trump Gives Another Hint About Abandoning Supporters on All Things Immigration

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Last week, I pointed out that Donald Trump is a bit too comfortable with standard Democrat talking points regarding illegal immigration.

In Thursday’s debate, he tip-toed to the left a little more.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Thursday he is softening his stance on visas for highly-skilled workers.

“I’m changing. We need highly-skilled people in this country,” Trump said during the Fox News Republican debate in Detroit. “If we can’t do it, we will get them in.”

Trump’s stance toward awarding H1-B visas is different from the one he takes on his campaign website, which argues that more visas for highly-skilled foreigners would “decimate American workers.”

“One of the biggest problems we have is people go to the best colleges … as soon as they’re finished, they get shoved out. They want to stay in this country,” Trump said at the debate. “They want to stay here desperately. They’re not able to stay here. For that purpose, we absolutely have to be able to keep the brainpower in this country.”

Trump said he was now in favor of the H1B-visa program – despite what his website still says.

“So you are abandoning the position on your website?” Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly asked.

“I’m changing it and I’m softening the position because we have to have talented people in this country,” Trump said.

Trump changing his mind is nothing new, it’s practically all he does when it comes to the important issues in this election. Wrapped in a fog of suspension of disbelief, his supporters never seem to notice this. The same people who can’t shut up about the one thing Marco Rubio did that they can’t stand are willing to dismiss or ignore a laundry list of the same from Trump, largely because they’re more interested in being entertained than actually making a wise choice for president. Most were drawn to him for his stances on illegal immigration and foreign workers, and those may be the first things he monumentally disappoints them over.

But why use my words to keep trying to impress upon the Trump faithful that there is a high degree of likelihood that he will switch any number of positions once he wins the nomination. Let them listen to the man himself lecture on the importance of flexibility. Watch the video on the next page.