Election 2020

Rubio Snags Coveted Donnie Wahlberg Endorsement

(Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)

While you were brunching…

Former boy band member Donnie Wahlberg officially endorsed Rubio for president Sunday as the junior Florida senator heads to North Las Vegas to campaign ahead of Tuesday’s Nevada Republican caucuses.

“We need a leader like Marco to inspire a new Republican party and unite our nation,” said Wahlberg, former member of “New Kids on the Block,” in a statement distributed by the Rubio campaign.

Wahlberg made his opinion known on Twitter during CNN’s Republican town hall a few days prior, saying Rubio was “the only candidate that can, and will, beat” Donald Trump.”

I usually avoid politics on Sundays, but as soon as I heard this exciting news I tweeted this:

Of course I’m just trying to have some fun here. There is precious little of that going around in this election. As I recently said during a radio interview, “If the ship is on fire and sinking we may as well head to the Lido Deck and enjoy ourselves while we can.”

Join me, won’t you?