Election 2020

Inexplicably, Trump Doesn't Credit Himself for Jeb's Exit

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Via Reuters:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has for months rained withering ridicule on onetime party favorite Jeb Bush, on Sunday refused to take responsibility for the former Florida governor’s exit from the 2016 White House race.

“I just don’t know what did him in,” Trump, who won South Carolina’s Republican primary election handily on Saturday, said in an interview on CNN.

Trump had repeatedly made Bush the target of pointed attacks throughout his campaign for the Republican nomination to run in the Nov. 8 general election, labeling him “weak,” “low-energy” and “an embarrassment” to the Bush political dynasty.

On Sunday, Trump denied any role he may have played in taking down Bush, who ended his campaign on Saturday night after a fourth-place finish in South Carolina.

“Jeb fought very hard,” the billionaire businessman said. “It wasn’t his time. That’s all.”

This is in stark contrast to the Trump of four days ago, who took credit for his negative attacks knocking out Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry and Scott Walker.

Is there anyone he’s hit harder than he did Jeb in this race so far?

Given that Trump’s ego is permanently set in “Rewrite The Book Of Genesis And Take Credit For Creating The World” mode, we can expect him to change his tune on this soon. Well, he also changes his mind a lot anyway.

Something absolutely no one supporting him has noticed yet.