Election 2020

Cruz 'Birther' Loons Trying to Keep Him Off Ballots in Seven States

(AP Photo/Scott Morgan)

Because of course.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is facing challenges to his appearance on primary ballots in at least seven states, as some are questioning whether he is a “natural-born citizen.”

So-called “birther” challengers have filed federal lawsuits in Alabama, Utah and Texas and have filed lawsuits in state court in Vermont and Illinois, where a judge today ordered a hearing for March 1, two weeks before the Illinois primary. The filing dates vary with each lawsuit.

A challenge had been filed in the state election division of Indiana that was denied today.

And in court papers filed by two voters in New York state court this week, a complaint argues that Cruz should be struck from that state’s primary ballot because he “is not a natural born citizen of the United States.”

The plaintiffs, Barry Korman, 81, of Manhattan and William Gallo, 85, of Long Island, channel an argument made on the campaign trail by Donald Trump, who said as recently as Monday that Cruz “doesn’t have the right to serve as president, or even run as president. He was born in Canada.”

Maybe you’re like me, and are now wondering whether the United States ever had a political contest that revolved around issues. I’ve been at this for a very long time and often find myself waxing nostalgic for a time when the contests were more substantive.

Was that ever real?

Lewis Carroll at the height of his literary powers couldn’t have concocted a tale as nonsensical as the 2016 primaries for both of America’s major political parties. There were many who thought the absurdity would calm down once votes were actually being cast, but it’s just been ratcheted up.

I’m no constitutional law expert, but you know who is?

Ted Cruz.

Of all the things an opponent might trip him up on, I highly doubt a misunderstanding of the Constitution as to whether he is eligible to run would be one.

It’s a serious world and we’re having a silly primary. That’s dangerous for America’s immediate and longterm prospects.