Election 2020

White Lady with $650K Speaking Fee Wants Black Americans to Know She's Down with Their Struggle

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

“Huma, fetch me my pander pantsuit!”

In a high-profile speech in Harlem on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton is expected to address the issue of systemic racism, and offer solutions for how to break down the barriers that hold back African American families.

The speech is part of Clinton’s effort in recent days— as she closes in on the South Carolina primary and turns her attention toward more diverse March states — to show that she views racism and discrimination as stand-alone problems in American in need of their own solutions. Her approach appears designed to highlight the contrast with her chief rival Bernie Sanders, who so far in his campaign has mainly addressed racism through the lens of economic inequality

The title of the post is “Hillary Clinton to deliver major speech on racism” which, as you all know, is a topic that just hasn’t received enough focus since The Lightbringer was elected to the presidency. I’m glad we are finally getting around to airing out a subject that’s been put on the back burner for so long.

After the Democrats got a free pass on making the African-American citizens of Detroit significantly poorer for almost half of a century, Hillary probably rightfully feels that there is no level of Demspeak feel-good pandering that she can’t get away with now.

Bernie’s prism of economic inequality is probably a more sound approach to take (rising tide…all boats), although his ideas on the causes and solutions of said inequality are the stuff of sheer insanity.

To that last point, I would love to not keep dismissing the major players for the Democrats in this election as insane, but have you met these people?