Election 2020

Great Answer by Rubio About Future for Him and His Campaign (VIDEO)

(AP Photo/Jeffrey Collins)

As someone who has been both religious and political my whole life, I’ve often found myself uncomfortable when even some of the most devout candidates begin talking about God or religion. I think that’s because many of them adopt a delivery style that’s different from everything else they’ve been saying to that point that can make it seem contrived, even when it’s not. For whatever reason (maybe he’s simply a better orator), Marco Rubio seems to slip into these conversations with ease and without putting on a faux preacher voice. Last month, he gave one of the best responses I’ve heard from a Republican to the theocracy nonsense that people like to float.

Here, in response to a question about the future of his campaign, he immediately, easily, and quite sincerely invoked God and faith again, in a way that definitely connected with his audience: