Election 2020

(VIDEO) Biggest Lie of the Election: Hillary Says She's Not Asking People to Support Her Just Because She's a Woman

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

As almost always is the case in the Dem debates so far, the question is as idiotic as the response. As it involves the media and the Democrats, the idiocy is perceived as deep by the faithful. Gwen Ifill asks Bernie Sanders if he worries that he’s “thwarting history” by trying to derail Hillary’s coronation as she tries to become the first woman elected to become president of the United States. Identity politics always has a way of cannibalizing its adherents, which is absolutely delicious to watch. Sanders handles it well, explaining to the smug Ifill that someone of his “background” (he was raised Jewish) and his “views” (the first Democrat who isn’t lying about being a socialist) getting elected would be plenty historic. What follows, however, is a lie of truly Clintonesque proportions. Hillary tells the crowd that she’s never asked people to support her candidacy just because she’s a woman, despite the fact that she just spent a week in New Hampshire doing precisely that.