Election 2020

Playing a Subtle Race Card in Dem Debate, Hillary Criticizes Bernie for Criticizing Obama

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Remember, the rule, as established by Democrats way back in 2008, is that any criticism of President Obama by a white man is racist. Sure, Hillary Clinton desperately needs the president to support her even though the Clintons and the Obamas aren’t exactly part of a mutual admiration society. Sanders, however (and as Hillary points out in this clip), has been critical of the president regarding his progressive accomplishments. The reason she went out of her way to get this swipe in here is that they are heading to South Carolina and Bernie has ALL the momentum so…it’s race card time.

The scarier dimension to this, and there always is one with Hillary, is her reinforcement of the Democrat assault on free speech in America, the centerpiece of which has been the idea that we are no longer allowed to criticize our elected leaders. The Democrat leaders, anyway.

On an almost completely unrelated side note: I hope Hillary got her uniform back to Hot Dog on a Stick before they fined her.