Election 2020

Clinton Attempts to Recapture Youth Support by Advertising on... AOL

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Her MySpace friends must be rejoicing.
Hillary AOL

The Clinton campaign has struggled to win support among young voters of every description, including traditional Democratic Party voters: women, African-Americans, people of Latinamerican or Hispanic origin, etc.

Meanwhile, her septuagenarian opponent Bernie Sanders has enjoyed remarkable support from voters young enough to be his grandchildren.

The AOL Email login-screen ad bought by her campaign is either an act of monumental cluelessness about how to reach those young voters, or (more likely), it’s an indication that the campaign feels the need to double-down on the older voters who constitute the bulk of Hillary Clinton supporters.

Let’s face it, even I was relatively young the last time AOL was a thing. It is remarkable how Clinton’s campaign is the embodiment of so much of what both Democrats and Republicans used to find objectionable about GOP presidential campaigns. She’s old, white, and having trouble connecting with regular folks and young people (Dem complaints about GOP), and she’s remarkably clueless when it comes to 21st century technology and its role in modern politics (GOP activists’ complaints).

She is struggling, to be sure, but imagine the hit she would be taking if the MSM were doing “Gotcha!” pieces about her being out of touch because she doesn’t hit the grocery store much, or flat-out lying about her encounter with technology in a convenience store.

This woman is so pathetically out of sync with everyday Americans that she needed to have her handlers prep her for ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle.

What’s worse is that she is even more painfully awkward than Little Lord Jeb! when she tries to connect with us regular people. Thankfully, it looks like we’ll be spared the unmitigated awfulness of the two of them sharing a debate stage.