Election 2020

(VIDEO) Concession Speech Featured Either Hillary and Bill or an Episcopalian Bishop and The Cryptkeeper

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

I have mentioned time and again how uncomfortable I am with Hillary’s insistence on pitching her big-government ideas while wearing Chairman Mao jackets. Now that I’ve seen the alternative, maybe I spoke too soon.

Her Inevitable Madameship showed up to her concession speech in New Hampshire looking like some sort of priest (h/t to my friend Jedediah Bila, who said that on Hannity’s show) or a judge from a creepy Twilight Zone episode. Her handlers made sure to impress upon her the need to not make the audience feel like she might leap off the stage and begin feasting on the Earthlings, which is the vibe she was putting out there last week. It was somewhat successful. Sometimes her smile induces more nightmares than her scowl.

Many were remarking last week about how feeble and out of it former President Bubba looked. It was the same tonight. He stands back there, mouth agape, and often looking as if he has no idea where he is. If something is wrong with him, I’ll regret even mentioning this. If that’s merely how his creeper glare has aged, well…Vince Foster.

All kidding aside (OK, I wasn’t really kidding), it’s not difficult to see how Democrats are finding the eternally raving Bernie Sanders to be the more comforting option in this race.