Election 2020

After Poor New Hampshire Showing, Christie Heads Home to Reassess Campaign

He gave it a shot.

Gov. Chris Christie announced his intention to head home to New Jersey to decide the fate of his presidential bid after a disappointing low finish in Tuesday night’s primary in the Granite State.

“We came here to say that speaking your mind matters, that experience matters, that competence matters, and that it will always matter in leading our nation,” Christie told supporters at a primary night party. “That message was heard by a lot of folks and it was stood for by a lot of folks here in New Hampshire, just not enough. Not enough tonight.”

Christie has been polling in the single digits nationally, but his campaign has seen a boomlet — at least in the early voting state of New Hampshire

Christie’s concession speech seemed to signal an imminent departure from the race: “We want to see exactly what happens,” he said. “Then it’s going to allow us to make a decision.”

With Trump comfortably ahead in the polls for weeks and Ted Cruz not really needing the win, the New Hampshire primary became all about which squishy Republican moderate could do well with an electorate that is predisposed to liking squishy Republican moderates. Jeb, Christie and Kasich were all banking on New Hampshire keeping the life support equipment in the political ICU beeping for another week or two. Christie had a very strong debate last Saturday, but it appears all it did was damage Marco Rubio without giving him any kind of boost whatsoever. He finished miserably behind the Mailman’s Boy and Jeb! tonight in the race for the Establishment prom invitation. Christie isn’t as delusional as Jeb! and should pull the plug on this soon.

He should make a fantastic attorney general for whichever Cuban-American president we end up with, however.