Election 2020

Schwarzenegger Tries to Keep Kasich Relevant for Another Week or Two

That should do it.

Former California governor and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger is lending a hand to Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) ahead of the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

Kasich’s presidential campaign invited supporters to join a Friday tele-town hall that will feature Schwarzenegger.

The actor donated $2,700 to Kasich’s campaign late last year and has appeared at fundraisers for the Ohio governor, though he has not officially endorsed him.
“Listen, he’s a pal,” Kasich told The Plain Dealer last year when asked about Schwarzenegger. “He’s just been a great friend of mine.

Kasich loves to blah, blah about how conservative he was when he was in Congress back in the 1800s but he’s taken a more moderate, populist, and, shall we say, Medicaid-y path as governor. Now he finds comfort in support from the New York Times and a “Republican” whose biggest cause is championing climate change hysteria.

It’s time for the moderates to start knocking each other out of this race. Sadly, Kasich probably won’t be the first to go. I say “sadly” because he’s a tedious scold who brings nothing to the contest other than an Ohio driver’s license.

My dream scenario is a world where Republicans don’t have to suck up to Ohio to win.

My nightmare is that Jeb! will drop out before Kasich and all of his deep-pocketed donors will go to the Ohio governor rather than Rubio.