Election 2020

Jeb's Super PAC May Have Hinted the End Is Nigh

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Via Politico:

The pro-Jeb Bush super PAC Right to Rise on Friday ordered a series of shifts in TV advertisement time — a decision that is potentially fraught with implications for Bush’s candidacy.

The group had planned to begin airing commercials on Monday in Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, and Oklahoma — all states that hold primaries on March 1. But Right to Rise on Friday moved the start dates for the ads three days later, to Thursday, according to two media tracking sources.

The shift appears small. But in altering the start date from Monday to Thursday, Right to Rise gives itself the opportunity to save money in the event Bush decides to end his campaign following the New Hampshire primary.

The undying loyalty that Bush’s backers have for his father and brother have given them the patience to sit around and watch their money burn like gasoline-soaked straw. The high point of this campaign was when it was rumored that the Little Prince would run. It’s been a sad thing to watch since the day he announced.

Jeb likes to tout his tenure as governor of Florida (which ended almost a decade ago) as the reason he should be president, and maybe he was a good governor for them. Florida Republicans voted for Charlie Crist right after that though, so let’s say I’m not a big fan of their choices.

This was a candidacy that had no reason for being other than the last name of the candidate.

Which he just happens to be running into the ground at the moment.