Election 2020

Hillary to 'CNN' Town Hall: I Took Wall St. Money Because I Didn't Know I'd Be Running for President (VIDEO)

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Anderson Cooper’s question is ridiculous, but Mrs. Bill manages to take that and make it look like the sanest part of the exchange. It begins with Cooper pressing her to justify her exorbitant speaking fees, so he’s lending credence to the thoroughly progressive idea that there is some inherent shame in making a lot of money. Hillary flippantly replies, “It’s what they offered.” Had she left it at that, I’d have thought it was a great response. She then goes on to pretend that she wasn’t sure that she’d be running for president.

If there is a human being alive who truly believes Dame Van der Cankles hasn’t been focused on this race since 2008 I want some of whatever he or she is getting loaded on. Coy isn’t a good mode for you, Hillary.