Election 2020

'WaPo': Hillary 'STILL Doesn't Have A Good Answer' on Emails

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

As a primer, Chris Cillizza is referring to Hillary’s answer in this video.

Here is Cillizza’s less-than-generous review of Granny Pander’s response:

What’s clear from her answer is a) Clinton continues to believe that this issue is such a non-issue that it doesn’t even deserve a response and b) maybe because of that belief, she continues to not have a concise response to questions that the email story raises about Americans’ trust and confidence in her.

Remember that it took Clinton months and months (and months) to acknowledge the obvious — that she needed to apologize for the whole situation (even if she, in her heart of hearts, believed she had nothing to apologize for). She eventually did just that in an interview with ABC’s David Muir in September; the next few months, whether by coincidence or because of that apology, were the best of her campaign.

But it’s clear from Clinton’s response to Cuomo’s prodding on Monday night that she simply doesn’t really understand why the issue is still a problem for her — in the primary fight against Sanders and/or the general election race. When asked whether she should have apologized sooner, Clinton responded: “I had no intention of doing anything other than having a convenient way of communicating, and it turned out not to be so convenient. So again, we’ve answered every question and we will continue to do so.”

His subtext: She’s confused.

Mine: Maybe she’s still got concussion symptoms.

Kidding, mine is, and always has been, that she’s a criminal.

On a serious note, her flailing, constantly evolving, responses to this scandal should be a stand-alone story. Sure, the MSM is dealing with important issues like Marco Rubio’s footwear and Ted Cruz’s tithing percentages, so a looming indictment might not seem sexy or newsworthy enough. It’s tempting to blame the Trump Hair and Donkey Extravaganza for distracting the press, but we all know they’d be largely giving Hillary a pass on this even in his absence.

To his credit, Chris Cillizza is the one member of the hackmedia who has stayed on the story.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t get Vince Fostered.