Election 2020

Cruz Would Clean Trump's Clock in One-on-One Debate

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Make. It. Happen.

Ted Cruz challenged Donald Trump on Tuesday night to a one-on-one debate “anytime between now and the Iowa caucus.”

Less than an hour after Trump’s campaign told reporters the front-runner will skip Thursday’s GOP debate, Cruz, looking to have his moment with Trump, suggested to a crowd in Fairfield, Iowa, that “Donald is a fragile soul” and is “scared to face Megyn Kelly” — the FOX News moderator that riled Trump in the first Republican debate back in August.

“We’ll do 90 minutes, Lincoln-Douglas, mano-a-mano, Donald and me,” Cruz said. “He can lay out his vision for this country, and I can lay out my vision for this country in front of the men and women of Iowa.”

Seriously, I’d pony up the pay-per-view money for this. First, it would be nice to seen an actual debate. The “why won’t you become more like a Democrat” questioning model that almost all moderators (yes, even FNC) have been using on Republican candidates for years is more stale than the Clintons’ love life.

I also like the prospect of watching Little Donnie “The Polls All Say” be put in a position where he might actually have to answer something. It’s easy to merely be a blustery windbag when you know the timer alert is about to shut you off before you really have to say anything.

Cruz would obviously clean Trump’s clock in such a format, even if all the Trumpies didn’t think so.

The Cruz campaign wasted no time in making the offer official (even if only for email list trolling purposes).