Election 2020

Floundering Jeb Bush Campaign Finally Ready to Play the 'W' Card

Can you help a brother out?

As Jeb Bush’s campaign continues its internal deliberations on how to best publicly deploy Mr. Bush’s older brother — if at all — a conference call on Thursday with alumni from the George Bush and George W. Bush presidential administrations yielded yet another clue.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see 43 on the trail in South Carolina” soon, said Dorothy Bush Koch, Jeb and George W. Bush’s sister, according to someone on the call.

The question of how and when to best use George W. Bush, the 43rd president, who remains popular with the Republican base, is a complicated one for the campaign.

Some voters say they are wary of political dynasties and can’t quite bring themselves for another Bush. And Jeb Bush stumbled early on with his response over whether he would have made the same decision as his brother to invade Iraq in 2003. There is also concern that George W. Bush, a more natural and charismatic campaigner than Jeb Bush, could upstage his younger brother.

This has always been a tricky proposition for Jeb and his 14 wealthy Republican supporters. There is been an arrogance surrounding the younger brother and his fans. Jeb is the smarter one. Jeb should have been president. Yet, for all of the “blah, blah” about Jeb and Papa Bush being the smarter, more reasonable members of the family, it’s still Cowboy George who has had the most success.

Deploying W. at this point would probably smack of desperation. Hey, if you have one or two former presidents at the Thanksgiving table, why not bring them out early? The truth is that Jeb was trying to distance himself from his brother’s tenure because some idiots got in his ear and told him that was sound strategy, despite the fact that seven years of Obama have made conservatives grow fonder of W. and the MSM wax nostalgic for him.

These are truly desperate times for the Bush family in its last gasp to create a legacy unrivaled as far as presidential history goes, however, so it’s almost a done deal that big brother will lend a hand.

Then we’ll see how nostalgic the media bubble Bush haters remain.