Election 2020

'National Review' Gathers Prominent Conservatives for 'Against Trump' Symposium

(Courtesy AP Images)

So this is happening.

The National Review gathered twenty or so young and old conservatives to explain why conservatives should be opposed to Donald Trump. I would say most always have been, but that’s because I think a lot of the more feverish Trump supporters weren’t really politically aligned with any ideology before joining the second great American political cult of personality in the 21st century. Still, this will be a handy reference guide for some, and kudos to Jack Fowler and company for putting it together.

The RNC has already rescinded its invitation to National Review to partner in the February 25th debate in Houston, and, quite predictably, Trump hit Twitter for a mini-tantrum.

It would seem, however, that Trump was a fan of the publication less than a year ago:

Whether you’re a veteran of political wars or new to this, it’s always good to turn to “Animal House” for words of wisdom: