Election 2020

Add Bubba to Growing List of People Worried About Hillary's Campaign

(AP Photo/David Becker)

Panic in Grandmaland.

Bill Clinton is getting nervous.

With polls showing Bernie Sanders ahead in New Hampshire and barely behind, if at all, in Iowa, the former president is urging his wife to start looking toward the delegate-rich March primaries — a shift for an organizing strategy that’s been laser-focused on the early states.

Bill Clinton, according to a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation, has been phoning campaign manager Robby Mook almost daily to express concerns about the campaign’s organization in the March voting states, which includes delegate bonanzas in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Texas.

Many Clinton allies share the president’s desire for more organization on the ground; they see enthusiasm that’s ready to be channeled, but no channel yet in place. “Iowa matters a ton, but it seems to be the campaign’s only focus,” said one person close to the campaign’s operations in a March state — one of nearly a dozen Clinton allies with whom POLITICO spoke for this article. “It’s going to be a long primary, and the campaign seems less prepared for it than they were in 2008.”

Yep, “less prepared” than last time. That’s how convinced they were that the fix was in. With one of the co-chairs of her 2008 campaign now in charge of the Democratic National Committee and doing everything she can to make this a coronation, Team Hillary probably didn’t think they had any worries at all, especially once Elizabeth Warren vowed to not run.

Hillary’s supreme arrogance blinded her to the rise of Barack Obama in 2008 and it led her to be dismissive of Bernie Sanders’ overwhelming appeal this time around. When I say that she is a horrible candidate, I’m not just talking about her off-putting personality. She expects things rather than plans for them.

One of the strangest aspects of this exceedingly strange election is just how bad both of the candidates who believe they’re owed the job — Hillary and Jeb — are at this. In theory, they’ve both been prepping for this election for years, yet they look like rank amateurs.

All that remains to be seen now is how much Bubba’s innate political skills can salvage his wife’s (*snicker*) flailing.