Election 2020

Right to Rise USA PAC Plans on Jeb! Still Being Around on Super Tuesday

Right to Rise USA PAC Plans on Jeb! Still Being Around on Super Tuesday
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Good luck with that.

He may still be down in the polls, but the latest reminder of GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush’s financial prowess arrived on Monday.

Right to Rise USA, the super PAC backing the former Florida governor’s presidential bid, said it has reserved roughly $10.8 million in advertising time in seven states holding primaries or caucuses in March. The group has raised more than $100 million to back Bush’s bid and is already spending nearly $18 million on television, radio and Internet advertising in the first four states holding contests.

You almost have to admire their spunk and determination. Right to Rise USA has been following up the worst naming of a Super PAC ever with a steady spending spree that has brought them nothing but negative returns.

If Jeb Bush is still in this by March 1st it will most likely only be because he’s the most delusional big name candidate in history. Currently, he’s barely on the radar in Iowa. The original thinking was that he could afford to lose that because he would do well in New Hampshire, where the more traditional, moderate type Republicans have their say. Jeb! is trailing Trump, Kasich, Rubio and Cruz there, and is tied with Chris Christie.

Despite their devotion thus far, it is difficult to imagine the Right to Rise USA moneybags keeping up their levels of enthusiasm should Little Lord Jebleroy limp to fourth or fifth places finishes in the first couple of contests. The notion that he can redeem himself on Super Tuesday after that is a bit far-fetched, especially when a more popular candidate has been positioning himself for a big day.