Election 2020

Carson Campaign Loses Another Key Member

Rough pre-debate news.

Republican Ben Carson’s presidential campaign faced additional turmoil on Thursday with the resignation of his top finance aide, who reportedly was earning $20,000 a month.

Politico, which first reported the resignation of Dean Parker, cited campaign insiders who criticized spending decisions, including generous consulting fees paid to inexperienced staff. It said Parker was earning the hefty salary for an honorary position that is typically unpaid.

In a statement, Carson said he had accepted Parker’s resignation, but gave no other details.

Parker, in the statement, said: “While current allegations towards me are misrepresentations, my primary goal is to help Dr. Carson save our nation.”

The loss of Carson’s top financial aide came as seven of the Republican presidential candidates, including Carson, hold one of their last debates before the first presidential contests to pick the party’s 2016 presidential candidate.

With Ted Cruz surging, the Trump train rolling where it pleases, Rubio staying steady and Christie hanging around in New Hampshire, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where this Carson ship rights itself.

Then again, it seems unwise to apply conventional wisdom to this primary season, so nothing can really be ruled out.

Carson’s fundraising advantage from last year has been practically bled dry by the consultant class leeches, most of whom will now return to the fold to mock outsider candidates despite fervently hoping for more so they attempt another bleeding.

Politics isn’t brain surgery, as the good doctor has noted, but it’s also not the greatest environment for people who are used to dealing with well-intentioned professionals.