Election 2020

Hillary's Attacks on Bernie are Bringing Him Buckets of Campaign Cash

I’m really starting to enjoy this.

Hillary Clinton’s new barrage against Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential primary opponent she has all but ignored through most of her campaign, is having an effect — though probably not the one she intended.

Sanders’s underdog campaign said it is seeing a surge of contributions as a direct result of the new attention it is getting from the Democratic front-runner, with money coming in at a clip nearly four times the average daily rate reported in the last quarter of 2015.

The flop sweat at Clinton HQ must be making everyone a little ripe by now. When Mrs. Bill doesn’t pay attention to Bernie, he surges in the polls. When she does pay attention to him, he turns it into a fundraising lottery ticket.

This would all be very exciting for Republicans if Sanders had any clue about how to press an advantage. His popularity has as much to do with The Madame’s extraordinarily off-putting personality as it does with his “Free Stuff!” spiel. He can keep this a fairly close race simply by not being her.

Winning it is another thing, however. Sanders would have to deliver a knockout blow to do so and he just doesn’t seem interested in that. He not only won’t attack her most vulnerable areas, he’s declared them off limits. It’s almost as if he really never expected things to get this far and just wants to enjoy the ride for a while longer.

Or somebody keeps sending him anonymous emails that just say “Vince Foster”.