Election 2020

Elderly White Democrat Candidates Participate in Forum on Minority Issues

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, argues a point during the Brown & Black Forum, Monday, Jan. 11, 2016, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Funnier than SNL…

As tensions flare and polls tighten in the final weeks before Iowa’s critical caucus, the leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination faced off back-to-back in a forum focused on minority issues Monday night.

At the Iowa Black and Brown Forum, broadcast on the Fusion network, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton broke with President Obama to call for a stop to Department of Homeland Security deportation raids targeting undocumented Central American migrants.

They “have sown fear and division in immigrant communities across the country” in recent weeks, she said. Last month, Clinton said she had “real concerns” about the raids but did not go as far as she did Monday night.

Granny Pander also said she supports “due process” for children she might have to deport as president. Back in olden times, deporting people who were here illegally (regardless of age) was the process. I don’t want to say this was one of her more egregious pandering performances, but by the end of the night she had a thick Mexican accent and “#BlackLivesMatter” tattooed on her neck.

At least Bernie Sanders was honest about being out of touch:

In a lightning round of lighter questions, Sanders said he was not familiar with musician David Bowie, who died this week.

Bowie became famous when Sanders was still in his twenties, it’s not as if they were asking him about Kanye. Then again, clueless people and socialism are a perfect match.

The Democrats are becoming quite adept at putting their candidates on television when it’s almost guaranteed no one will watch, like Saturday night. This time they not only chose to be opposite the college football national championship game, but chose a network that most people aren’t sure they have. It’s almost as if they’re embarrassed.

Wouldn’t you be if your crazy-eyed grandma and ranting uncle were rolling up in the senior living facility van?