Election 2020

Carson N.H. Super-PAC Staffers Flee to Cruz

Via The Hill:

Ben Carson’s presidential aspirations have taken another hit with nearly his entire super-PAC staff in that state quitting to support his rival Ted Cruz.

The original story from New Hampshire’s WMUR said that all five paid New Hampshire staff at the main pro-Carson super-PAC, The 2016 Committee, resigned on Sunday.

But a source familiar with the super-PAC’s operations told The Hill on Monday that one paid super-PAC staffer, Sarah De La Cerda, remains in New Hampshire supporting Carson, “and intends to remain there.”

This latest damaging news follows the resignations of top Carson campaign staff — campaign manager Barry Bennett and communications director Doug Watts — on New Year’s Eve after a power struggle with Carson’s business adviser Armstrong Williams.

The Carson camp has been in extraordinary disarray for a month now, but has been getting a lot of cover by the holidays. As we move closer to the first two Republican contests, the media spotlight becomes high-definition again and all of the warts become visible.

Carson’s defectors still love him, but are more and more being motivated by the once far-fetched notion that Cruz can actually win:

“We hold Dr. Carson in the highest regard,” Sickles told WMUR. “This is a man we revere, but we think it is important that our party nominate a conservative and get behind a single conservative who can win, and we strongly believe that candidate is Ted Cruz.”

It is rough for a rookie candidate not named Donald Trump to endure the baptism by fire of the interminably long American presidential cycle. The odds on being bled dry by opportunistic consultants with mediocre track records are pretty good.

So good that even a brain surgeon can get suckered.