Election 2020

Team Jeb! Battles Trump's Social Media Prowess with Cutting Edge Billboard Strategy

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Welcome to 1992:

Murphy’s Twitter bio says his tweets are personal opinions but he’s an old-school Jeb! adviser. The saddest part about this is that Murphy (and most likely everyone in the Bush camp) thinks this is a winning strategy. I swear all of these people fall asleep fantasizing about Karl Rove’s head on Fabio’s (gotta keep the pop culture references old school for this too) body riding in on a white horse to save this drowning campaign. As with almost everything Jeb! and his fourteen paid supporters do to make him relevant, the throwback billboard attacks were met with almost immediate mocking on social media:

The problem with the latest Bush campaign from the beginning has been that he and the 20th century GOP throwbacks surrounding him are working from an outdated playbook that never had that much success even when it was new. There is a rapidly changing world happening all around them that they manage to not notice at all. One can almost imagine the Bush consultants and Super PAC people watching the debates and marveling at how much better television looks now that it’s in color.

It’s time for Jeb! and the gang to catch the 5 o’clock stage back to Dodge.