Election 2020

The Jeb Bush Flail of the Day: Back to Attacking Rubio's Senate Attendance Record

(Photo by Johannes W on Unsplash)

Via NBC News:

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio warred Tuesday over a new ad from Bush’s super PAC that accuses the Florida senator of skipping national security hearings in favor of fundraising trips.

We mock Bush the Lesser here a lot because, well, he continues to be so exceedingly mockworthy. His ridiculously named super PAC (which isn’t coordinating with the campaign, wink, wink, nudge, nudge…), Right to Rise, is quite a bumbling bozo show as well.

In what seems like an almost hourly series of campaign rebooting efforts, Team Jeb! has now decided that being the most establishment third place guy in Iowa is the winning ticket.

It’s easy for Jeb to mock the job performance of others, as he currently doesn’t have a job to mock. And while, as the HuffPo piece points out, this is an effective tactic in some campaigns, it is often used as a weapon in closer races, not as a Hail Mary pass, which is all the Bush campaign does these days.

A year ago, if you had told the powers that be in the GOP that Jeb Bush and his “Harumph!” money Republicans would be pulling out all the stops to finish third in Iowa, there would have been a lot of hacking cough laughter in the room.

Today, the man who already has two presidents in the family can’t wait to yell, “We’re Number Three!”

Reason enough for him to go home now.