Election 2020

Associated Press: Trump 'Harsh' While Hillary Preaches 'Love and Kindness'

Courtesy AP Images

Yes, that Hillary.

Here is the headline from the post:

As Trump rises, Clinton preaches love and kindness

That’s silly enough by itself. The AP social media people, however, felt the need for some editorial embellishment when they tweeted about it:

So Trump’s rhetoric is harsh, but it’s all puppies and roses from the woman who declared in front of millions that Republicans are the enemies she’s most proud of making.

The article itself isn’t as gooey as the headline or the tweet, but in this short attention span era, many never read beyond the headline. The media, bless their hearts, still think they can sell Hillary as a doting grandma.

The real bias here is that the social media promo links Trump’s strength in the polls to the rhetoric and the “backlash,” implying that all Republicans are just meanies and the Democrats are full of nothing but love and joy.

It’s not just that they are doing the cheerleading, it’s that it comes so naturally to them.