Election 2020

Insomniacs Rejoice: Super PAC to Release Jeb! Bush Documentary

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Via USA Today:

The super PAC supporting Jeb Bush’s presidential ambitions plans to release a 15-minute documentary about the Florida Republican this weekend as it works to boost his candidacy in early voting states.

Right to Rise’s documentary will go online Saturday and will air later on the New England Sports Network, reaching voters in New Hampshire. The Granite State hosts the first GOP presidential primary Feb. 9.

The documentary also will reach voters digitally.

“This is another way for us to tell Jeb’s story and provide more context and background for his plans beyond what voters see in a 30-second TV spot,” Right to Rise’s spokesman Paul Lindsay said in an email. The New York Times first reported on the spot, which will include interview footage of Bush, shot before he declared his candidacy in June.

It is probably safe to say that Jeb Bush’s problem isn’t that the voting public doesn’t know enough about him. The only time he’s done well in the polls in this cycle happened before the debates, when most of America just recognized the name. Once he got in front of people, he was petulant and acted like he was entitled to the presidency and all of the campaigning was beneath him.

Jeb has none of his brother’s folksy charm or his father’s sense of humor. He hasn’t been wowing the common folk, which is why none of them are financially supporting him.

The old “Harumph” money from the GOP establishment desperately wants the Bush dynasty to continue, which is why they’re still feeding Jeb’s delusions about turning this one around. Yes, they’ve got a lot of money, but so do other candidates this time around. That’s not really good news when your only strategy was to sit around and watch your opponents go broke.

It’s never a good sign when the candidate whose name recognition alone propelled him into the race needs to constantly define (or redefine) himself to the voters. A fifteen minute fluff video probably isn’t going to be able to plug all the holes on this sinking ship.