Election 2020

Hillary Urges Caution on Judging Islam, Haste on Assailing Second Amendment

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

These people are wearisome, and not serious.

“We don’t know yet everything about this specific attack,” Clinton said. But regardless of the couple’s reasons for the murders, something needs to be done to prevent gun violence, she added.

“The vast majority of Muslim-Americans are just as concerned and heartbroken about this as anyone else and, no matter what motivation these killers, these murderers had, you can say one thing for certain: They should not have been able to do this,” Clinton said, transitioning into impassioned comments on gun control.

The reflexive narrative-protection instinct of the Democrats is not only nauseating, it’s dangerous. This woman wants to be commander in chief yet she is more inclined to protect Democrat policy talking points than American lives.

Since Obama gave Nidal Hasan a free pass in 2009 with his “workplace violence” nonsense, terrorists have known that the purported leaders of this country were going to be easy to dupe from time to time because they would never really be looking at the problem clearly. If you’re walking around barefoot on a bed of glass but attribute the pain in your bleeding feet to chapped hands, all the lotion in the world isn’t going to prevent the further slicing of your feet as you move forward.

There couldn’t be any more evidence of terrorism in this case if Syed Farook’s corpse reanimated and told everyone that’s what it was.

If all gun violence ceased tomorrow, the Democrats would say we don’t need guns anymore because of the peace. Their objective is the complete dismantling of the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans — they care not one whit about individual lives. If they did, they would want the law abiding people to be able to protect theirs and their families’.

All that the Democrats will achieve with the course they are relentlessly pursuing is the creation of more obvious soft targets for terrorists and unhinged criminals to attack.

And they think that’s a good thing.