Election 2020

Bernie Sanders Has No Problem with Super PAC Spending Money on Him

Via CNN:

Bernie Sanders declined to disavow a super PAC spending money on his behalf in an interview with CNN on Monday and contradicted a statement his campaign made about the political entities he has long spoken out against.

Sanders drew a distinction between National Nurses United For Patient Protection, a super PAC that has spent at least $569,000 backing him, and those super PACs backing other candidates during an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

“What I have said over and over again is that I have not and will not raise a nickel for a super PAC,” Sanders said. “I am the only Democratic candidate who does not have a super PAC. I will not have a super PAC. They are nurses and they are fighting for the health care of their people. They are doing what they think is appropriate. I do not have a super PAC.”

That is an experienced politician adroitly wielding doublespeak. Of course he doesn’t have a Super PAC, as they are prohibited by law from coordinating with candidates or their campaigns.

What Sanders has done, however, is make railing against Citizens United, Super PACs, and the “oligarchy” they are supposedly spawning a centerpiece of his campaign. Doing a little semantic sleight of hand to dodge the fact that there is a Super PAC spending money on the Sanders socialist dream isn’t the same as disavowing the PAC altogether.

The real truth is that Democrats want a political world where Big Labor can throw money at them but Big Business is hamstrung by law when it comes to supporting Republicans. Why? Because as they move ever-leftward, they know a level playing field doesn’t favor them.