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The Debate Segment on Race Was Appalling and Not Because of President Trump

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During the first presidential debate, the segment on race was full of debunked media narratives and social justice hogwash. However, if you have been following the reporting on critical race theory, moderator Chris Wallace’s framing of the question to President Donald Trump was just ignorant and opened the door for the entire exchange to get needlessly ugly towards the end.

Wallace opened the segment noting that Joe Biden has claimed that the events in Charlottesville and President Trump talking about “very fine people” motivated him to run for president. He then noted that President Trump has often stated that he has done more for the African American community than any other president except Lincoln and asked both candidates to make their pitch to address the issues of race in the country.

Biden also began talking about the Charlottesville rally, the vile anti-Semitism he saw, and how much it offended him. That seems weird, coming from the nominee whose party tolerates anti-Semitism in the halls of Congress and has vocal supporters of rabid anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan speak at its convention. Then he accused Donald Trump of calling the tiki torch-carrying losers “very fine people,” which has been thoroughly debunked. Too funny the leader of the tiki-torch carrying morons, Richard Spencer, has now sincerely endorsed Biden.

Joe Biden Has a Glaring Anti-Semitism Problem

Biden then also talked about the “peaceful protests” in Lafayette Park whom federal officers cleared at the direction of Attorney General Bill Barr. Anyone watching the coverage of the riots in Washington, D.C., knows the very church Biden referenced was the target of attempted arson the night before the park was cleared. The attorney general has also meticulously recounted the number of federal officers hurt in the riots and his planning to move the perimeter for the protests a block away.

President Trump started his rebuttal by reminding viewers that Joe Biden was the sponsor of the 1994 crime bill. During the debates on the bill, Senator Biden referred to black Americans as predators. Joe tried to deny it. While it was Hillary Clinton that called them super-predators, Biden did say predators in a pretty extended and passionate speech on the Senate floor. He argued someone’s circumstances and upbringing were irrelevant to criminal justice and referred to them as “predators on our streets” and “beyond the pale.”

Then the president went on to challenge Biden to call for law and order, noting that the ongoing riots and violence are taking place in cities run by far-left Democrats. These cities are also the ones refusing federal help.

Wallace then took over the conversation, noting Biden’s comments following the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case. Because the officers in the case were not charged with homicide, Biden raised the question “whether justice could be equally applied in America.” Wallace asked Biden directly whether he believed there was a separate but unequal system of justice for blacks in the country. Biden responded:

Yes, there is. There’s systemic injustice in this country. In education and work and in law enforcement and the way in which it’s enforced.

There is nothing more destructive to unity and healing than this statement. Biden walks away from the vision of the founders and Martin Luther King Jr. when he says this and embraces the radical left who wish to change our country fundamentally. Disparate outcomes are not the same as discrimination. Rolling social justice slogans off your tongue lets you avoid the difficult policy discussions about culture, education, and family.

It is also notable that Joe Biden is all in with the teachers’ unions that want to maintain the one prominent oppressive system we have—shoving children into failing schools based on their zip code. Joe Biden’s platform puts limits on charter schools, prevents money from moving with the child, and openly attacks school choice. Economist Thomas Sowell and President Trump both call school choice the civil rights issue of our time.

President Trump Calls School Choice the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Biden went on to say most police officers were good, decent people. He blew that with his comments on the Taylor case. The impression is that Biden believes the cops should have been charged when there was no crime, and despite the fact that they were shot at before firing. He took the position that officers are on the hook for a tragedy. He also visited and praised Jacob Blake, who had an open warrant for sexual assault, violated a restraining order, resisted arrest, and reached for a knife before getting shot by police.

It is no wonder Biden hung his head when Trump was hammering him about law and order. It is also no small wonder that law enforcement unions are coming out in force for President Trump. Biden did have a weak afterthought saying violence was not an appropriate response. However, this came in direct opposition to the comments of his running mate, Kamala Harris. Biden also remained silent about the riots until Don Lemon noted it was hurting Democrats in the polls.

Then Wallace asked President Trump about his directive to ban training based on critical race theory from federal agencies. As a moderator, Wallace framed the question in an ignorant and appalling fashion. Wallace accused the president of banning “racial sensitivity training.” First, this is terminology from the 1980s. Second, the training that the administration banned is not even a first cousin of what used to be referred to as diversity training. Wallace was called out for his ignorance:

Joe Biden Goes to Kenosha and Kills Off What’s Left of the #MeToo Movement

That is a small sample. President Trump gave a strong and accurate response. Joe Biden said the president had no idea what he was talking about and went on to describe traditional diversity training. He then audibly called President Trump a racist to no objection from Wallace. Biden went on to make some outrageous claims without evidence, claims that the evidence contradicts. He asserted that President Trump looks down on people of different races, faiths, and the working class. It was disgusting.

BOOM: Trump Bans Critical Race Theory Training in Federal Agencies

Someone needs to tell Joe Biden that he may have been born in Scranton, but his stated environmental policies and the policies implemented under the Obama administration hurt the people in Scranton, Kenosha, and Cleveland more than anyone else. Democrats are now the party of Wall Street and billionaires. Nine of the ten wealthiest people in this country support Democrats. It is no accident Michael Bloomberg is spending $100 million on Biden in Florida.

This segment was terrible, and Biden was allowed to make vile assertions with almost no pushback from Wallace on well-reported facts. Then Wallace set the president up with an awful characterization of one of the most positive things he has done in the past two months. Wallace should correct himself and apologize for his mischaracterization. Maybe before his next vacation with George Clooney.

In another segment, Wallace did ask President Trump to denounce white supremacists and militias. President Trump said, “Sure,” twice, and tried to turn the conversation to left-wing violence, which has been dominant for the last six months. It was not as strong a response as the president should have made, but it is also notable that Wallace asked the same question in 2016 and got a full-throated response. Seriously, how many times does President Trump need to do this?

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