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Joe Biden Goes to Kenosha and Kills Off What's Left of the #MeToo Movement

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden is leaving the basement today to go to Kenosha, Wisconsin. He is not going to survey the damage or provide solutions for business owners and residents whose lives and businesses have been destroyed. He’s not going to explain how he will support law enforcement in providing security for the law-abiding residents of Kenosha.

Instead, the centerpiece of his visit that is being promoted is his meeting with the family of Jacob Blake. Biden is going to lionize a man accused of sexual assault, who had a warrant out for his arrest, then showed up at the home of his alleged victim, and actively resisted arrest while trying to retrieve a knife from his car. He marched to the driver’s side door while officers were telling him to stop and tazed him twice to impede his progress.

Specifically, ABC notes that Biden will be meeting with Jacob Blake Sr. As described in this article at Heavy, the father has a significant history of anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, and misogynistic social media posts (language warning). He also appears to be a supporter of Louis Farrakhan. And the effective leader of the Democrat Party will participate in a community meeting with this man to “bring together Americans to heal and address the challenges we face.” Irony anyone?

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The shooting by police is still under investigation. Blake is under investigation for sexual assault with a child present, stealing the victim’s car, and theft via swiping her ATM card as well as his actions on the day of the shooting. Yet, Biden is actively taking sides when the outcome is far from clear. If you watch the ad released in advance of the visit, the side he is taking is obvious.

The ad is called “We’re Listening.” The campaign is listening to the loudest and most violent voices and buying into an absolute meme. There is no data to support the idea that black Americans are being shot indiscriminately by police for “just living their life.” This is certainly not the case with Jacob Blake.

Unless Biden and Harris believe “living your life” includes the right to harass your alleged victim and attempting to brandish a weapon at police. Perhaps they do. There is also zero evidence police are shooting black men for just going about their legal business. There is significant evidence, in cities like Chicago, that black men, women, and children are being shot “living their lives,” and the vast majority of perpetrators are other black men.

In fact, the majority of black children who have been killed in the last 90 days have been caught in the crossfire of black-on-black crime in our lawless cities, where cash bail has been eliminated and prisoners are released because of the pandemic. Horrifically, this occurred in my state when Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms decided to negotiate with terrorists at a burnt-out Wendy’s rather than deal with the chaos.

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Yet, Biden and Harris want to take these terrible policies nationwide. The same policies that resulted in an attempted rape on an Upper East Side subway platform in broad daylight in New York City. The polices that allow alleged rapists to be released from jail and kill their accusers. For a party that touted their nominee’s achievement passing the Violence Against Women Act, this is a shocking level of cognitive dissonance.

Face it, ladies. When the Democrats feel like pandering to another group will benefit them politically, they will turn their back on your safety. Whether they are releasing violent criminals back onto the streets, taking away your right to self-defense, or turning a man accused of sexual assault into the victim, your safety is not the priority.

Make no mistake about it. If this police shooting had happened under the same circumstances in Peoria rather than Kenosha, and the suspect was white and the officer was black, the coverage would be completely different. The focus would be on the alleged victim and the crime against her. That is, if the story was covered at all. Yet no one in the corporate media is talking about Blake’s victim or why she called the police in the first place.

A similar lack of coverage was undoubtedly the case with the murder of five-year-old Cannon Hinnant, who was white, by his black neighbor. There was also national media silence in the case of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner, the victim in the  Atlanta version of CHOP at the burned-out Wendy’s. The murder of one-year-old Davell Turner in New York City was also largely ignored.

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It is also extraordinary that the solutions they promote in the ad, like national standards for the use of force, have already been up for a vote in Congress. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) has been a proponent of police reform for years. Democrats refused even to debate the bill he proposed recently on the issue. In a genuinely disgusting statement, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) referred to the bill as “token” legislation. Who’s the bigot?

This visit and all the problematic aspects of it are the end result of a strategy that relies on pandering to every identity or interest group you think you can appeal to. With this move, Biden and Harris are effectively putting the final knife in the #MeToo movement.

President Trump should immediately begin talking about how dangerous the policies of Democrats are for women. No cash bail, mandating housing of former inmates, and taking zoning to the national level will make every community less safe for law-abiding citizens.

Joe Biden’s America will look an awful lot like cities such as New York City and Chicago. It is not one anyone who values safety and security should want to live in.