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Who Stands to Benefit? Group Behind Occupy Wall Street Plans 50-Day 'White House Siege'

(Screenshot via Adbusters website)

Adbusters, the group credited with energizing the Occupy Wall Street protests, is now pushing a 50-day siege on the White House beginning on September 17. This date is the same day the Occupy riots started in 2011. The group is an anti-consumerism magazine based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

You might call Adbusters the marketing wing of the revolution. It would be naive to think the use of the words “siege” and “occupation” are unintentional. They did occupy Wall Street for nearly two months from Zuccotti Park in New York City’s financial district. Protests continued through the first anniversary and have recurred at least annually since.

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They have an activist wing, the Blackspot Collective. They claim they have 13,000 activists in their collective and are explicit in their desire to overturn liberal democracy. Liberal, in this case, refers to our foundational ideas—free speech, individual rights and freedoms, property rights, and objective reality—not left-wing politics.

You would also have to be pretty wet behind the ears to assume some of the agitators in Lafayette Park recently were not their operatives. It is highly likely they used the Peaceful Protestors™ as cover to collect intelligence about how federal law enforcement operates and to develop plans.

During the Occupy riots, NPR reported that Adbusters distanced themselves from the protests:

Adbusters is an anti-consumerism magazine based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This summer, it proposed a Sept. 17 “occupation” of Wall Street, and the idea caught fire.

Adbusters doesn’t claim any control over the protests. It wouldn’t give NPR an interview, for instance, for fear of overshadowing the movement. It sees itself more as an idea shop, sort of an “anti-advertising firm” that takes special glee in creating fake ads to subvert the message of real products

With the new activist arm, this type of distance from any outcome of the advertised “siege” becomes much more difficult. The two groups share a website and make their association quite clear. Adbusters has a manifesto, and so does Blackspot.

Adbusters provides the visual art to communicate ideas in what they refer to as The Metamematic Insurrection, or meme war:

In short, we must rethink almost all economic, political, and cultural precepts we’ve taken for granted for generations. We must breathe fresh life into progressivism, revive its mojo, and return it to the visionary force for change it once was.

Our strategy is to zero in on a new grand narrative, a once-in-a-millennium mind shift, a set of big ideas — metamemes — so fundamental, so systemic, so profound that a sane and sustainable future is unthinkable without them.

In short, they are shooting for an economic, political, and cultural revolution. When you watch the latest rant on Adbusters’ website, the things they hate become clear. Capitalism, individual freedom, and private property are the things they seek to tear down. You can see this clearly in their featured video. The background narrative is comedian George Carlin, so it is only fair to provide a language warning:

It is interesting to note that woke CEO Jeff Bezos is featured. One has to wonder when these successful businessmen will understand there is no amount of virtue signaling that will save them from the mob. They are genuinely the frogs in the pot.

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Now Blackspot is much more direct in their language. They are explicitly calling for a collectivist and intersectional revolution. Note the reference to tactical briefings. Attorney General Bill Barr is not overstating the organization and training these insurrectionist groups engage in:

Acting as one, we can overturn the failing neoliberal order, revitalize democracy and secure a sustainable future that computes. But only if we can summon the radical ideas and revolutionary spirit equal to overcoming these threats — existential threats that we all must face together.

We’re at a tipping point. The internet has reversed a centuries old power dynamic. Billions of us now hold the most revolutionary tool ever invented in the palms of our hands. Backed by collectives like ours, the streets have unprecedented power. After centuries of rule by kings, emperors, tyrants, mad men, fascists, communists, Maoists, military dictatorships, corporations and white supremacists like Donald Trump, we can now take charge of our own destiny and start calling the shots from below.

Today we are 10,000 strong. Tomorrow we will be 100,000. The day after next, we could amass a billion people — enough to spark a world revolution in how we live, love and think.

Hysterically, the primary campaign of an anti-consumerism magazine touts the products of capitalism and consumerism as the means to organize a revolution. They’re filming the revolution with their iPhones and they are too steeped in their social-justice memes to see the irony.

This unrest is going to put Democrats in a precarious position in the lead-up to the election. The entire party establishment has allowed Peaceful Protestors™ in places like Portland and Seattle to engage in violence and destruction without consequence. After Americans witness 50 days of escalating insanity in the nation’s capital in the lead-up to the election, support for law and order is likely to increase.

The elites of the Democrat Party, including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, are going to have to denounce these radicals if they want to have a prayer in the suburbs. With Black Lives Matter endorsing looting in Chicago over the past weekend, leading Democrats kneeling in deference to their demands becomes absurd.

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To remain silent in the face of more Peaceful Protestors™ in our nation’s capital should not bring them the electoral success they seek. Groups like Blackspot are trying to tear down liberal democracy, capitalism, and Western culture. Establishment Democrats are steeped in both of these.

Insurrectionists may hate President Trump more, but only because he will not bend a knee. Rest assured, they only hate the Democrat establishment slightly less. Ultimately their revolution is less about justice than it is about power—and no establishment Democrat will inevitably be spared. They might want to take their eyes off their pursuit of power and recognize the real existential threat. It is not mainstream conservatives or even Donald Trump.

Given recent events, there is no reason to believe they will see the truth in that statement any time soon.