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Listen to Joe Biden and Barack Obama Relive the Good Old Days ... for a Price

Listen to Joe Biden and Barack Obama Relive the Good Old Days ... for a Price
Madalyn Ruggiero

Well, the campaign theme for Joe Biden is clear. Electing him will bring us Barack Obama’s third term.


Unlike a Trump rally, where you just need to provide a valid e-mail address to attend, this is a pay-per-view event. If you follow the link, this is what you see:

Biden Obama fundraiser

Screenshot of Biden-Obama fundraiser donation page.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with the guys. Here are just a few of the memories of the Obama presidency I would like to hear more about.

Of course, this is just a small selection. I didn’t even get into Fast and Furious, the Paris Climate Accords, or how the administration was going to continue a policy of managed decline by joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The good old days, no doubt.

The return to normalcy is the exact narrative the Trump campaign needs to combat. There was nothing ordinary, scandal-free, or unifying about the presidency of Barack Obama. Even with a complicit and uncurious corporate media. In fact, on nearly every major issue, American’s satisfaction in January of 2020 was higher or about the same as it was at the end of the Obama presidency.

Gallup poll American satisfaction

Gallup poll screenshot measuring Americans’ satisfaction between January 2017 and January 2020.

The Trump campaign needs to inspire confidence that it can restore these levels of satisfaction post-pandemic. Here are a few ways to do that.

  1. A strong American foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, relies on energy independence. Joe Biden’s environmental policies will bring us into more foreign wars for oil.
  2. The pandemic showed us how vulnerable we are to China due to decades of managed decline and outsourcing. Trump’s administration has a plan to bring critical manufacturing home. Reshoring will speed economic recovery from the pandemic lockdown as well.
  3. Joe Biden has been dragged off every moderate position he ever held by the radical left that now wants to defund the police. Mayors of his party are letting this happen in some of our largest cities with disastrous results. The Trump campaign can use New York City, Chicago, or Minneapolis as examples. Or the infamous CHAZ in Seattle.
  4. Joe Biden has been in politics for nearly half a century. What policies has he sponsored or enacted that have helped minorities join in the American Dream?
  5. The Trump administration’s policies have included more people from more places across the country in America’s prosperity than the Obama administration ever did. It will continue by prioritizing school choice, and the participation in opportunity zones to revitalize the cities devastated by the rioting of the radical left in recent weeks.
  6. Most important, the president needs to demonstrate leadership right now in bringing law and order back to communities ravaged by violence and destruction in the last several weeks.
  7. America is not a racist country. We are a nation that continually strived to live up to our founding values and has made significant progress. The new radical left notion of “separate but equal” does not match our values.
  8. The Trump campaign also needs to capitalize on the negative perception Americans have of the Chinese Communist Party and Joe Biden’s dovish approach to the CCP. They built islands in the South China Sea under Joe Biden’s watch. This global security threat must be managed by an administration that will stand up to China.

Barack Obama has already given us a preview of what his third term will look like. In his endorsement of Joe Biden, he assured Americans that Biden would have the best experts around him. Translated, political appointees will be running the country, and they will all come from Team Obama.

He also redefined original sin for the Church of Woke™. Americans now have the collective sin of slavery to account for. If you accept this premise, the sin of racism is the foundation on which our institutions were built. Then you must also accept these institutions need to be fundamentally transformed. That premise has to be rejected loudly and often.

Ultimately, it is bizarre that in an economy ravaged by lockdowns and riots, the party of the poor is charging money to hear its message. Of course, they are also the party of the very rich. It is also interesting to see the Biden campaign pretty openly admit the need for Barack Obama to get a message out.

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