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Socialists Saw 75 Percent Increase in U.S. Elected Officials on Nov. 7

“Bernie Sanders’ revolution is happening,” declared Eve Peyser, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, following the victories of 15 of her fellow avowed socialists Nov. 7 –  including a former Marine who vaulted into the Virginia House of Delegates.

Branko Marcetic, from his office in New Zealand, wrote in Jacobin, which calls itself a “leading voice of the American Left,” that Election Day “was a good day” because of socialist victories.

Now, 15 victories in all of the elections that were held across America Nov. 7 does not seem like much. But Heather Dockray opined in Mashable that the socialist successes have to be seen in historical context.

“The DSA saw a 75% increase in elected officials last night, as well as something of a spiritual rebrand. It's a percentage that shouldn't be ignored, especially when you consider the group's unexpectedly diverse geographic appeal,” Dockray wrote.

Most of the 15 socialists who won captured local city council and school board seats.

Two DSA members knocked off incumbents to win seats as aldermen in Somerville, Mass. Socialist Seema Singh Perez won a spot on the city council of Knoxville, Tenn.