Election 2020

How to Secure Your Vote and Minimize the Impact of Zombie Voters

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky


I didn’t mean to fall off the edge of the world, but in my personal life, September started weird and continued strange, and so far October has continued the wild ride. Which pretty much defines 2020, right?

And speaking of 2020, and it being an election year, I’ve been feeling a bit hopeless about November.

Sure, I think we, the non-Marxists, have a good chance at winning by a historic margin. However, allowing mail-in ballots to trickle in means a win by almost any margin is meaningless. 

Heck, they’ve told us what they intend to do in no uncertain terms by proclaiming the “red mirage” theory: at first, it will look like Trump won in a landslide, and then as votes trickle in, it will be obvious that Biden won.

People are amused with this theory because they think this means the Democrats consider their own followers too incompetent to vote properly and on time.

I’m going to assume these people aren’t from Colorado and never took a close look at Boulder, where voting irregularities proliferate

So, we get to 2020 and we have the Democrats – after instigating, with the help of their pet media, lockdowns that destroyed the economy – running their spokes-zombie Biden as a stalking horse for the unhinged left of the party who are not ashamed to call themselves communists.

And they’re not even campaigning, not really, nor are they bothering to publish even halfway credible polls. What they’re doing instead is planning what they’ll do once they fraud themselves in: open the borders, finance Iran’s terrorists, become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PRC, all the while making sure what we can never again vote ourselves in—by any means necessary.

If that future appeals to you, carry on. This post is not for you.

However, if you have that sick feeling in your stomach, like you’re tied to the train tracks and the train is coming in… read on.

Sure. It might be inevitable, and no one is saying to let the boot stamp the human face forever. However, isn’t it worth at the very least to push to not let it come to that?

I mean, having seen what Trump did—in four years despite fierce opposition—there’s a good chance he cleans things up enough in the next four years that every election isn’t a Flight 93 Election, where we must once more attempt to save our Republic from the terrorists who highjacked it.

How to get there is the problem, of course. To say the deck is stacked against us by the least secure system of elections in the civilized world (not making this up. Research it) is an understatement.

So, what can we do to secure our votes, as much as we can, against the hordes of zombie voters?

So at least we have a clear conscience in terms of having done all we could?

First, go read this article on how fraud is done: Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots.

Right off the top:

They depend on there being ballots to launder. At least in most halfway honest places. If they were mostly just printing them, ballot harvesting would not be necessary or worthwhile for them.

Therefore, five things should be done at a very minimum:

  1. VOTE AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE YOUR BALLOT.  I know I’ve encouraged you to vote on Election Day, in person, but considering how many arrive there only to find out they already voted and that Trump’s campaign – who probably knows better than I – is advising “as soon as possible voting,” do that. At least it obviates someone voting in your place. And maybe the campaign is prepared to fight the “red mirage” scenario. Maybe.
  2. Find out your precinct’s voting rules. If they issued you a mail-in ballot, and you can vote in person, destroy it and vote in person ASAP. If they issued you a mail-in ballot and you can’t vote in person, drop it off ASAP. If they close all polling locations, drop it off in a mailbox in an affluent liberal precinct (to avoid the post office trashing ones from R districts wholesale).
  3. Ensure you have been removed from the voting rolls at previous addresses. You don’t want to find you voted twice! Do the same thing with loved ones who have recently died– it’s painful, but we’re dealing with people who will happily take advantage of the dead.
  4. Also, check with your county registrar and ensure you don’t have any cats or dogs registered to vote– I keep hearing people complain about it, and while it might be rare, we need to plug that leak.
  5. Find your loved ones who have dementia or are very old in general Find out how they’re getting their ballot and how the place they live usually fills them out. If you don’t like the answer, put yourself in the middle. Make sure YOU are the one who helps them fill it out. If your batty aunt wants to vote for Biden, just ensure she’s doing it under her own recognizance, not because someone is guiding her hand.

Now, after that, there are refinements you can undertake to prevent at least some of the fraud in the article:

They could collect ballots from real voters—in order to open them using steam and replace the ballot with a copied one they had filled out, so:

  1. Never give anyone else your ballot
  2. Notify all your friends that this tactic is used
  3. I’ve heard it said that every glue can be steamed open. I have, however, refinished furniture and epoxy does not in fact respond to steam. You just have to get the kind of epoxy glue that will attach laminate to counters. You should be able to find it at home improvement stores. Now, there is a good chance that this means they’ll try till they ruin your envelope – and ballot – but at least your ballot won’t count for the other side.

They may engage in voting impersonation: This one is brazen. I knew about it from my foray as a poll watcher in 2012.

  1. Vote as early as you can. And if you get there and find someone voted for you, raise the mother of all stinks. They’ll try to fob you off with a provisional ballot, but all that means is if there’s no vote registered for you, it will be counted. IF someone else has voted for you, the provisional ballot will be discarded. So raise a stink to them, and then get in touch with the media. Get in touch with the Trump campaign. Refuse to be cowed into silence.
  2. People could try registering as confidential voters where that’s allowed– it’ll make looking up their voting records a lot harder.
  3. Emphasize pulling yourself off the old rolls
  4. Has anyone looked at DE-registering people who don’t intend to vote? Consider setting up a door-to-door operation to do it, if possible, and if it’s not too late.
  5. And for the love of heaven, DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR BALLOTS without tearing them into tiny pieces or using a cross-shredder.  (Burning them works too, of course, if you can.)

They may buy-off the homeless. This is sickening and actually the hardest thing to combat, especially because they won’t stay bought and honestly, probably vote multiple times. (Which is probably the point in allowing them to camp on sidewalks and in parks all over our cities.) All I can think (and I’m probably joking) is:

  1. Give generously to your local homeless over the couple of weeks close to the election, and warmly encourage them to buy a bottle of Jim Beam with it. People who are passed out don’t vote.
  2. I dunno, I’m PROBABLY kidding?

They may engage in certificate-folding (i.e. the envelope with your signature on it) to signal that it’s one of theirs and already tampered with. How can we counter it?

I couldn’t decide what to do with this. If we get traction, we’ll still maybe only get 10-20% of maybe 50% of people—so, what, 5-10% of people total engaged—which can swing elections. But because I don’t know on what scale this is happening at baseline or how prevalent that technique is, I don’t know if bending the corner would eventually become a better signal of our ballots than theirs. I’m considering advising people to make a personal decision about whether to bend the ballot. If SOME of us are doing it amidst a historically giant fraud machine, they may not know whether a bent ballot is ours, theirs, or just a coincidence, which is where I think we optimally want them.

I don’t know if there is enough time to counter any of the fraud.  And take my word for it, the fraud will be massive.

Do what you can. And along the way, talk to your third-party voting friends (hey, I was one back in 2000) and tell them that while principle is a great thing, in this case we’re not choosing between two men (and spare me the dreams of a write-in win or the like). We’re choosing between the Western way of life, flawed though it is, and communism, probably with a Chinese spin.

You know what happens if you let fraud and apathy usher communism in? You’ll have to fight your way out, probably starving and by candlelight.

Do you want to spend the next ten years – or the rest of your life – kicking yourself for not doing what you could, while you could?  Or do you want – at the very least – a clean conscience?

Because in the silence of the night, in the darkness of a totalitarian country, you’ll be your own harshest judge. That I can promise you.