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Warnings of Biden Being Viewed as 'Illegitimate' by Those Who Never Accepted Donald Trump's Victory

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Have you noticed that very few Republicans have gone on record swearing to leave the country if Biden won? It was a different story in 2016. Then, dozens of liberal celebrities and hundreds of other leftists threatened to leave the U.S. if Trump won.

Trump won and most of those who threatened to leave are still here. Instead of leaving, they contributed to the overwhelming effort by Democrats and the left to make Donald Trump an “illegitimate” president.

First, they attacked the Electoral College as being undemocratic, and racist to boot. Then they went for all the marbles: impeachment based on scurrilous charges of “collusion” that a prosecutor appointed for the sole purpose of finding something impeachable on Trump couldn’t prove.

The level of vitriol certainly led to a belief that Trump wasn’t legitimate with millions of voters. Now, incredibly, liberals are warning Republicans not to try and make Joe Biden appear “illegitimate” after calls for “unity” and “healing” from Biden during his victory speech.

Can you believe these guys?

Associated Press:

“Their intent is to delegitimize this election and thereby delegitimize President-elect Biden’s presidency,” said Valerie Jarrett, who was a White House senior adviser to President Barack Obama. “It is damaging to the democracy. Once again they’re putting their short-term political interests ahead of the interests of the country.”

I am unable to describe exactly what I want to do with Valerie Jarrett because of social media censors. But I can guarantee it would be particularly unpleasant.

What kind of a mind refuses to accept the responsibility for delegitimizing Donald Trump? He won just as legally as any other president in history. But the left doesn’t believe it “damaged democracy” or that they put “their short-term political interests ahead of the interests of the country” when proclaiming loudly that Trump wasn’t really president?

I call bullcrap on that.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday there was “no reason for alarm” at Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat. Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota balked at the notion that Republicans were enabling conspiracy theories, saying what “we’re doing is following exactly what the Founding Fathers here wanted us to do, which is to follow the rule of law.”

Even those who have taken a tougher stand against Trump are giving themselves room when it comes to Biden’s victory.

“It’s important we show confidence in our institutions, our ability to investigate cases and when that’s completed, I think it’s by far the most likely outcome there will not be a change in the tally in a substantial way,” said Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah.

The left wants Republicans to sit down and shut up—and then take their punishment for supporting Trump.

Who are the fascists? Who are the authoritarians? People like this used to get their kicks when they were kids by pulling the wings off of flies. They are a threat to individual liberty and constitutional rights and need to be marginalized by Biden and other Democrats.

Instead, they will be empowered like no extremists have ever been empowered before.

People don’t need Donald Trump to “delegitimize” Joe Biden. The trust in our institutions has frayed beyond repair and social media will fan the flames of conspiracies.

And then in four years, it will happen all over again on the left. We are trapped by our own stupidities and prejudices, condemned to repeat the cycle of delegitimizing our leaders over and over again. The question is will we blow up like a supernova or collapse like a black hole?